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Smyrna Mid-City Seventh Day Adventist Church History


The history of the Smyrna SDA Church began in 1914, with the work of Elder S.M. Jones, a mission worker, from the West Indies. His efforts began with house-to-house work. As a result, many accepted the Message, including Sister Henderson (in whose home the church met for many years).  Elder Jones left El Paso in 1916, for Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

About 11 years later, Elder E. M. Gates came and pastored for 2 years, leaving in 1929 for Lubbock, Texas.

In 1949, Elder Howell and Runnels held a tent effort here, and only 1 soul was baptized. However, Brother C. L. Jones from Roswell, New Mexico, came to El Paso in 1950. At that time, there were only 5 members, but under his leadership, the church began to grow. Not having a church building, the Spanish SDA Church came to the rescue, and the church met in their building for a while.

Brother and Sister J. L. Turner joined the little flock and after a diligent search, Brother Turner found a place for the church meeting, in the Masonic Hall on Raynor Street.  In this building several families were added to the church:  The Wheeler family, the Bolds family, the Johnson family and the Fuller family.

In 1960, Elder L. B. Baker began a tent effort on Alameda Street, with over 20 members in the church and $2,000.00 cash in the building fund.  Under his leadership, many souls and several thousand dollars were added.  A new church was built on the corner of Roosevelt and Wyoming Street.  Some years later, this building was torn down by the Highway Department for its freeway, but the Lord provided another church building on the corner of Yandell and Raynor Street.  At that time Elder Calvin Robinson was pastor.

The magnificent hand of the Lord has been seen in the history of this church.

Pastors in our history include:
Elder G. Chissell, Elder L. B. Baker, Elder C. L. Jones, Elder R. F. Warnick, Elder C. Robinson, Elder R. E. Brown, L. W. Draggon, Elder J. C. Wray, Elder J. A. Morris, Elder O. A, Jackson, Elder E. L. Howard, Elder G. D. Howell, Elder F. S. Hill, Elder W. S. Lee, Elder A. L. Dyson, Elder F. R. Williams, Elder M. Solis, Elder R. Smith, Elder H L White, Dr. Allen C. Brewer II, Elder Jonathan McCottry.

Under present leadership of Elder Billy Green Pastor